Federico Vegetti

political and behavioral data scientist


This is my personal blog, where I write about anything that may interest me, including work. I also have another blog that deals more specifically with music, but it's been silent for a while. You can find it over here.

Eight good albums of 2017

Music lovers know that we live in the age of abundance. Every year, tons of very good records keep pouring out of the internet, and while many people resort to algorithms to navigate this sea, for many others there is always a constant feeling that you are missing something. Truth is, too much abundance is cognitively demanding, and our cognitive resources are still scarce. Personally, I find comfort in exchanging music suggestions with friends. I like to trust others’ judgment, and I like to search for the good into something that someone else said it’s good. Empathy is a good way to make up for uncertainty. That’s why I like amateur end-of-year lists: they are like a bunch of recommendations from a friend who likes music.

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Weighting the CUPESSE data

This post describes the procedure used to produce post-stratification and country population weights for the CUPESSE data. It provides a short description of the weights available in the dataset, and it describes in detail the procedure used to compute them. Weights have been generated using R version 3.3.2 and the survey package version 3.31-5. Other packages used to write this post are knitr, plyr, and ggplot2.

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First post

The first post is always just to learn how it works

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